The Women’s Hormones and Aging Research Program (WHARP) is a clinical and translational research group, founded by Dr. Hadine Joffe in 2013, that is based in the Department of Psychiatry at BWH and affiliated with the DFCI Division of Breast Oncology and the DFCI Division of Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care. The broad goals of WHARP are to advance our understanding and treatment of symptoms resulting from changes in reproductive hormones in the brain. These include affective disturbance, sleep disruption, hot flashes, fatigue, cognitive performance, and, more recently, changes in metabolism and appetite. We study the biological basis of these symptoms as well as their interactions. We also investigate strategies for optimizing treatment in healthy women during the menopause transition and in women undergoing anti-estrogen therapy for breast cancer by using clinical trial, observational, and experimental paradigms in humans.